What a Novell Certification Can Offer You?

Novell Inc. is one of the software companies, which has established its coverage as far as Linux is concerned. They offer a number of highly esteemed certifications in this area, while also specifically equipping IT professionals with skills required to operate and manage solutions offered by Novell Inc. A Novell certification can really prove a boost for your career, especially if you are pursuing positions in the industry which pertain to expertise in the Linux system. The following are a few important of the IT certifications offered by the institution.

Novell Certified Administrator (NCA): This is the entry level novell certification and offers a basis for the qualification for more advanced level certifications offered by the institute.

Certified Linux Desktop Administrator (CLDA): This is the Novell certification confirming the skill of an IT professional in the area of Linux system desktop administration.

Certified Linux Administrator (CLA): This certification is a more comprehensive qualification standard and involves the certification of the skill of a professional in the administration of a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. An organization using such a server will always look for a CLA.

Certified Novell Engineer (CNE/NCE): This certification is one of the advanced level ones offered by Novell. Thisnovell certifications involves a comprehensive knowledge of the products and solutions offered by the vendor and the ability to handle them. It also deals with the advanced knowledge about their operation such as troubleshooting and managing aspects such as networking, which can make this certification important for an employer availing IT solutions from Novell.

Novell Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) 10: This is one of the most advanced level Novell certifications, which confirm advanced knowledge in Linux. This certification can be helpful for those who are looking to become SUSE Linux architects or system managers.

Certified Novell Instructor (CNI): This certification confirms the ability of a professional to work as an instructor for the training of a Novell certification.

A Novell certification can be very useful for young and thriving IT professionals who see Linux as a growing dimension in the IT industry and want to equip themselves with one of the most valued certifications pertaining to this area in the industry. You should learn more details about each certification to take your first step towards attaining them.


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