Act fast! Buy a Microsoft Certification Pack with Second Shots

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Microsoft helps you become a key contributor within your organization by providing some of the best training available. Take advantage of these great offers that can help you turn your job into a career.

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Act fast! Buy a Microsoft Certification Pack with Second Shots

Take your IT career to its next destination. Whether you are helping to validate your skills for your next IT job, hoping to get a promotion, or seeking your next Microsoft Certification, Microsoft helps make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

To help you get started, Microsoft is now offering Microsoft Certification Exam Packs, which provide large discounts plus a Second Shot for every exam in the pack. The Second Shot offer allows you to retake an exam if you do not pass it the first time.

Choose the exam pack that is right for you:

Certification pack


Second Shot

5-exam pack


Included with each exam

4-exam pack


Included with each exam

3-exam pack


Included with each exam

2-exam pack


Included with each exam


Regular price

Add 15% to single exam price*

*If you prefer to purchase just one exam with a Second Shot offer, note that an additional 15 percent will be added to the price of the exam. Prices may vary by country/region. Check with your local Prometric testing center for exact pricing.

Boost your career in just three steps

Go to the Prometric website and follow these easy steps.

  1. Choose an exam pack and obtain your voucher code.

  2. Pay for your exam pack and schedule your first exam.

  3. Take your first exam on your scheduled date at a Prometric testing center.

Order your certification pack with Second Shots

Note You must register, obtain a voucher code, schedule, pay, take your exams, and (if necessary) sit for the retake exams by June 30, 2011. You can only register for one exam at a time, and you cannot register for a second exam until you have taken the previous one.

Additional terms and conditions

How Second Shot works

For Microsoft Certification Packs: With each exam pack, you get one free retake for each exam you do not pass the first time. If you do not pass an exam in a Microsoft Certification Exam Pack, you must request a retake voucher at the Prometric website.

For single exams with Second Shot: If you fail your exam the first time you take it you may use the same voucher for your retake exam.

Note Prometric will provide a retake voucher through email within 72 hours. Each voucher pertains to a particular retake exam and cannot be used for other exams.

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