MCT Community Portal Now Available

Today we add a community portal to Born to Learn which is built specifically for our Microsoft Certified Trainers. I'm really happy to see this new collection of simple but very effective tools become available to MCTs. There are some new features which will enable us to share key information throughout the MCT community and it is very convenient to have these available in one place.

Feedback is already coming in and I've updated this blog post to make it easier to find the new tools. MCTs: please log in on Born to Learn using your Windows Live ID that is associated with your MCT credentials and then click here to visit the MCT Community portal (you must be signed in to successfully follow the link). Here you will find the New MCT Forums, wikis and document libraries. If you need your MCT credentials reset to a new Live ID or if you have issues with your MCT credentials, please contact your regional support center. 

You will find web-based program and technology forums, similar to the retiring MCT private newsgroups as well as course-specific forums where you can ask and answer questions about specific Microsoft Official Courses (MOC). You will also find wikis for the MCT program and for each technology area (SQL Server, Windows Server, Visual Studio, etc.). All MCTs can edit, maintain, and expand wikis. There's even a "Save to Wiki" function in the forums so that you can easily save a forum post into a wiki. Finally, we are pleased to offer document Libraries where you can share documents, videos, and other files with fellow trainers.

To keep track of conversations and forums you can of course visit the community portal or subscribe to specific groups/discussions and receive email notifications.

To access the MCT Community Portal, you must use the same Windows Live ID you use to access the MCT private member site. The MCT Community Portal can be accessed only by MCTs using their Windows Live IDs, with one exception: Microsoft Learning Partners may access the Jobs forum if they request access via email after first signing in to the Born to Learn website to create an account.

We would like your feedback. Please tell us how we can make the MCT Community Portal more useful to you.

We look forward to seeing you in the new MCT Community Portal!

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