All About CompTIA Cartifications

Comp TIA (computing technology industry association) is a nonprofit trade organization and it is started during the year 1982 with the motivation of better dealers in computer in the name of ABCD Corporation with 5 micro computers dealership representatives. Over the decade course, ABCD Corporation laid several comp TIA’s member benefits as well as initiatives. Later, ABCD Corporation changed its name as (comp TIA) computing technology industry association. The new name of this organization clearly explains about its role in computer field as well as large landscape business in the United States. The initiatives increased with several features including UNIX, imaging, networking, mobile computing and in multimedia etc.  In order to take an effort for monitoring as well as to take positions in the issues on public policies, the organization appointed a director in the position of public policy as a full time operation. After appointing a person for the responsibility, the organization has got its growth in the computer field.


During recent times, CompTIA is popularly known as the professional certification providers in the field of information technology. During the year 1999, network plus certification was started and only during the April 2007, network+ certification was accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). Not only with network plus certification program, other certification programs from CompTIA like A+, security plus also accredited with ANSI during the same year.

Network plus certification from comp TIA was targeted to the professionals for measuring with the skills that are required for a network technician. Topics for the network plus certification program includes with network software, hardware, several protocols that were used in LAN (local area network), WAN (wide area network) and OSI reference model etc. A combined certifications of network plus and A+ certification as well as server plus/ A+ certification will be equal to the MCSA (Microsoft certified system administration) certification credentials to the candidates. Hence professionals who wish to certify with network plus certification should have their A+ certification as pre-requisite but it is not compulsory. So, simultaneously professionals will be receiving their MCSA certification credentials.

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