One Week Offer To Buy Books From Microsoft Press

Here are serious savings:

The Microsoft Press E-Reference Libraries are a premium online collection of Microsoft Press books, along with a powerful search tool to quickly find the answer, code snippet, or troubleshooting tip that you need. Customize your library with your own bookmarks and notes, and download selected chapters for offline reading. All libraries are a 12-month subscription service.

There are four E-Reference Libraries:

Complete Library   Content from Microsoft Press books across Microsoft products and technologies, as well as a wide variety of audiences and levels. More than 600 books are included. Promotional price: $187.50. Discount code: EREFCOMPLETEC

IT Professional Library   Focused on network and system administration topics with over 100 books included. Leading series such as Resource Kit, Administrator’s Companion, Administrator’s Pocket Consultant, and more. Promotional price: $112.50. Discount code: EREFPROC

Developer Library   Content from over 100 books on programming/software development, architecture, testing, security, and other topics. Also includes highly acclaimed expert authors such as Steve McConnell, Charles Petzold, Michael Howard, Dino Esposito, and others. Promotional price: $112.50. Discount code: EREFDEVC

Desktop Library   Focused on topics for business and home users: Office applications, the Windows client operating system, and general business skills. Includes content from over 80 titles, and includes top series such as Step by Step, Inside Out, and Plain and Simple. Promotional price: $37.50. Discount code: EREFDESKC

Use the promotional codes above to receive your 25 percent discount when purchasing the library(ies) of your choice. Go to to take advantage of this offer. And to learn more about what the E-Reference Library can do for you, check out the demo there (click “Watch an E-Reference Library demo video” in the right column).

This offer ends on Thursday, July 23, 2009!

Happy Learning!

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