Reasons to Hire and Develop Microsoft Certified Professionals

Ten Reasons to Hire and Develop Microsoft Certified Professionals

Improve Project Deployments

Independent research1 has shown that organizations with a majority of their teams certified by Microsoft reported significant improvements in delivering projects on time and within budget.

Reason 2

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Certified staff helps to increase customer satisfaction through improved service, higher productivity, and greater self-sufficiency.

Reason 2

Improve Support Costs
Independent research2 has shown that organizations with certified staff witness less network downtime and lower dependency on unplanned support.

Reason 4

Validate Vendor Qualifications
When outsourcing projects, certification provides assurance of vendors’ technical qualifications.

Reason 5

Gain a Competitive Advantage
Employees who hold Microsoft certifications bring more advanced skill sets to provide higher levels of service and productivity, giving your business a competitive advantage.

Reason 6

Benefit by Investing in Your Staff

Organizations with successful revenue results have been shown to have invested more in certifying their internal technical teams3.

Reason 7

Increase Employee Satisfaction
Employee satisfaction and retention are higher when management facilitates employees' career goals.

Reason 8

Objectively Benchmark Your Staff’s Talent
Certification serves as a reliable benchmark for hiring and promoting staff employees, and ensures your organization is built on top-quality technical talent.

Reason 9

Reward Employee Expertise
Certification recognizes and rewards productive employees by validating their expertise. Certification also provides re-training opportunities so existing employees can work more effectively with new technologies.

Reason 10

See Objective Results of Your Training Investments
Certification provides an excellent return on training and certification investments by providing a standard method of determining training needs and measuring results.

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Microsoft Certified Professional


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