Why Should You Pursue Linux Certifications?

The IT industry is changing around the world and organizations are looking for new tools and solutions to increase their productivity and to keep up with the advances adopted by the industry. One such trend is the introduction of Linux in the industry, which has been adopted wholeheartedly by many organizations. More organizations are adopting the system gradually. This is why there is a demand of IT Certifications professionals with Linux certifications in their armory all of a sudden.

Since most IT professionals are more work-oriented and would rather try building their experience than spending a lot of time on academic or technical certifications, However, almost every IT professional also understands the importance of a certification, and the case with Linux certifications is not any different, since that could earn you a coveted position in an organization pertaining to handling Linux based systems, since that will be the immediate standard setting you apart from other job candidates.

To begin with Linux certifications , you should check out those offered by LPI and CompTIA, which can offer you the perfect introduction to the technology and will help you develop your skills in this area. These it certificationsare mostly preferred by the IT professionals looking for a vendor-neutral qualification standard. But at the same time, they do not offer as much value and prestige, if you want yourself to build more expertise in managing a Linux based system.

In order to pursue more sophisticated Linux certifications, you should check out those offered by Red Hat and Novell. You can pursue certifications such as RHCE and NCE, which will really establish your expertise in the area. However these certifications are harder to pursue and cost you significantly as well. But of course, if you work hard and get through, you can be sure that you will be achieving one of the most important qualification standards in the industry. Since there is no central institution confirming skills in Linux, you are free to make your choices.


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