The Top Tech Certifications in Terms of Value against Cost

ech certifications are all about keeping pace with the industrial and technological advances and to stay one step ahead of your competition. They can allow you to excel not only within your current organization, but can also produce better career opportunities for you elsewhere in the industry. This is why you need to offer maximum input at this investment, so that it can pay you off well in the form of a healthy and progressive career.

However, when you pursue these tech certifications, the cost factor is one of the most central on a professional’s mind, since these certifications can be considerably expensive. There is no wonder that people refer to them as costs, but it is worth investing in them if you are offered a good return in your career. Here are the top tech certifications in terms of value against cost.

Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA): MCA is the highest honor offered by Microsoft to an IT professional, and one of the most prestigious certifications in the industry, confirming your expertise with IT architecture. With very few MCA certified professionals around the world, it surely offers you a lot of value same like A+ Certification .

Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE): MCSE is one of the most popular qualification standards in the industry. Many organizations run a system based on Windows Server 2003, so this certification is counted as very important. It involves seven exams and you can be sure that it is not easy to pass through the questions asked in them.

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE): One of the rarest networking certifications around the world, the CCIE certifies expert knowledge in various areas of networking. It is both expensive and difficult to pursue, but can offer immense value. It comprises of a written exam and a detailed lab exam.

Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP): Network security is a critical area. Organizations realize that and so do many networking professionals who choose to pursue the CCSP. IT involves 5 written exams, and the certification needs to be renewed ever three years.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE): Many modern organizations are shifting towards Linux-based system, which makes the RHCE an important certification to pursue for those looking to develop their skills in this area. The certification is expected to pay off well in the future.


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