Inspiring Microsoft Certified Story

"Learning is never too late to anyone who is willing."  These were the words that motivated Mr. Ronnel Rio, the recipient of the DPE MSL Scholarship, to pursue his dream of becoming a full-pledged IT Professional.
As much as he wanted to pursue his passion for IT, external factors such as the challenging economy and other financial limitations, deprived him of the education that could have helped him get a career of his choice.  He managed to attend a 2-year Computer Technician course, at a vocational school of low standards and therefore did not merit much to certain companies.  However, his interest in IT to begin with was enough to get him a messenger position at Edupro, Inc.

He had two reasons why he wanted so much to be given the opportunity to learn more. One was to improve his technical skills and allow him to apply for a technical position at Edupro.  The other is to support his growing family, as much as he wanted so much to be a good provider to his children and to his wife.  After consulting with the in-house trainers, who vouched for his interest and ability, the management gave him a chance to attend basic networking classes to help him establish the needed fundamentals.

Seeing so much potential, his profile was submitted to Microsoft to the hopes of getting the DPE MSL Scholarship programs. Fortunately, he was selected among the few.

"When I heard from my boss that a candidate submitted by Edupro got the scholarship, I was proud because it shows that the company believes in the program and that they support individuals who were not privileged enough to get the education that they deserved. But I was caught by surprise to hear that the story that they submitted was mine only to find out that they wanted to surprise me. I was happy, speechless and shocked, because it was the chance that I have been waiting for so long and now it came true.  Aside from my family, for me the scholarship was the best gift that I have ever received.  I am so thankful that I am given this opportunity to study again. And this would be the start of a better life for me."

Mr. Ronnel Rio with Edupro's IT Manager, Mr. Salvador Balunsay.

After finishing a series of trainings on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, Ronnel has achieved certification for Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) for Windows 7: Configuring, and is now pursuing the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) for Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop  Administrator certification at the end of May.  He has also started taking the first exam of Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate track, and has earned the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) on Windows Server 2008, Network Infrastructure Configuration.

He has gained confidence towards himself and his work and is more determined to take on more challenging task, enhancing and broadening his troubleshooting skills, thus, entrusting him to be the lead assistant of the Support Division and now responsible in configuring and deploying Microsoft Windows 7 & Windows XP on the desktops used for the classroom trainings.  He also serves as desktop support to the employees when troubleshooting technical issues.

We, at Edupro, hope that with Ronnel's story showing his interest, determination, ambition, and first stages of professional success, serve as a shining example of how organizational supports in the form of scholarship, ambition, plus proper training and certification can make a great difference in his professional and personal life as well as encouraging other people along the same path of fulfillment.

Source: Microsoft


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