How to deal with failing a Microsoft certification exam

Peter Gray is participating in the #60days2MCSE community challenge, and he's got his eye on MCSE: Private Cloud. On his way there, he needs to take and pass the exams required for MCSA.

On May 3, Peter took exam 70-640 and almost passed. He gave himself a day to process the not-so-happy news and re-assess his plans for #60days2MCSE. Meanwhile, he shared his exam failure news on Twitterwith fellow candidiates and #TheKrewe (a great group of IT pros), and everyone rallied around him with words of encouragement right away. That, to me, is what's so cool about #60days2MCSE. Your Microsoft certification journey is no longer a lonely one. 

By participating in this community driven challenge, you gain access to a support system of peers who are either traveling on the same road or have been there, and they are all very generous with advice, feedback, encouragement, and high fives.

Peter also took the time to blog about his takeaways from exam 70-640 and next steps. Encountering new and varied materials and exam question types may have contributed to his close-to-passing score, and his exam taking techniques may need to be adjusted. 

Taking the exam also helped identify his weaker spots and further highlighted the importance of hands-on experience. I would encourage you to read his blog post for more details. The goal of achieving MCSE: Private Cloud at TechEd in June is definitely still within Peter's reach and he is re-energized!

Source: Microsoft