Free New E-Book: Solid Code (Optimizing the Software Development Life Cycle)

Everybody, in our long stream of “New book” posts since we launched our blog in January 2009, in which we describe over 130 books we’ve published in the last couple of years, we apparently missed a book: Solid Code   (ISBN: 9780735625921; 352 pages), by Donis Marshall and John Bruno. Well, better late than never, I suppose! About Donis Marshall and John Bruno Donis Marshall has 20 years of experience as a developer and instructor, with an in-depth background on Microsoft .NET technologies. His firm promotes an entirely Web-based debugger for Windows applications. In addition to training and consulting, Donis has written several books, including Programming Microsoft Visual C# 2008: The Language and .NET Security Programming

Via: Devon Musgrave


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