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Hello, my name is John Hormaechea and I work for the SharePoint Product Marketing Group. I work with Microsoft Learning (MSL) on content that our customers and partners consume and use to successfully deploy SharePoint 2010 in their organizations and their customers. Over the past 9 months I've had the opportunity to speak with various people in the field who have taken this course. The one common theme I keep on hearing: this is some of the best content around SharePoint 2010 to date.

SharePoint 2010 is a very robust product, covering Collaboration, Social, Enterprise/Web Content Management, Search, BI, and LOB app creation. You need to get a good foundation if you are new to SharePoint to really understand how it can provide extended value to an organization. Course 10174 does just that for IT Professionals. More details at http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/Course.aspx?ID=10174A&Locale=en-us#tab2.

Microsoft worked hard to get true SharePoint experts that work with this product day in and day out to create all our 2010 content. It shows in improvements for all our courses and exams (including Exam 70-667 for this course).

MSL will provide further details for course 10174 in an upcoming blog post. If you have suggestions or questions on this course and others, please leave a comment and we'll respond.

Thank you – John

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