Microsoft Certified Master – Program and Certification Overview

The Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) program takes the best professionals in the IT industry and makes them even better. Whether you want to enhance and validate your advanced skills or take your career to the next level, achieving a Microsoft Certified Master Certification will help differentiate you from others in the competitive ranks of senior IT Professionals.

This unique program consists of up to three weeks of rigorous, hands-on training led by experts, and extensive written and lab-based testing. Candidates’ practical product knowledge, technical acumen, knowledge of best practices, personal and professional stamina, and communication skills will be constantly challenged.

Only the most qualified will pass all of the required tests, including the final lab exam, to achieve the MCM certification and be admitted into the elite community of Microsoft software and technology experts. This elite community is comprised not only of other MCMs and Microsoft Certified Architects, but of members from Microsoft’s development teams and Microsoft’s own IT organization. Microsoft Certified Masters will be able to contribute to and draw from the collective knowledge of that community at any time. This community and its members have some of the deepest and most comprehensive Microsoft technology knowledge in the world, enabling them to expertly design, build, and maintain enterprise level solutions that meet the ever more complex needs of today’s customers around the globe.

The MCM program is built for Senior Engineers, Senior Consultants and Architects

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Also, Microsoft has just published a series of brochures describing the latest additions to the MCM family. Check them out below!

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