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We’re pleased to say that 802.11n has finally been finalized (hmmm… “finally been finalized.” I see that’s why we make the big bucks, lol!). That’s right, you won’t be buying “draft n” routers anymore, as the Wi-Fi Alliance has updated its tests, going from “draft n” to “Wi-Fi Certified n.” Does that make a difference in your everyday computing? No, probably not—how many years now have we been using “draft n” items with nary an issue?

As far as “news” goes, it’s a pretty big deal. And maybe people who were afraid of buying “draft n” items will finally jump on board now. (I’ve been using a “draft n” router for about four months now, and there hasn’t been any issues. It’s fast, and it works. That’s all I need in a router.)

Proper n devices will be able to accept up to four streams of data, though such a device doesn’t exist yet. I don’t see too many reasons why a consumer-level router would need more than one stream (or two if you have old equipment that can only accept an 802.11b/g signal), but it’s there. No complaining!

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