Is Microsoft Certification A Right Thing to Do?

Information Technology is a rapidly changing industry with constant changes in software technology. The IT industry is very volatile and demands very high quality of professionals. Preferably those who are internationally certified by I.T. Giants like, Microsoft Corp.

The adoption and use of new technology by the industry has led to continous change in manpower requirements. As a result, a professional needs to update regularly, to keep their skill sets industry-relevant. To keep up with the changing requirements of the Software Development Industry, an IT professional/job-seeker should not only be aware of and gain knowledge of new products, but should also get Certified by the Industry Leaders on their products.

Tim Berners Lee once said: "When it comes to professionalism, it makes sense to talk about being professional in IT. Standards are vital so that IT professionals can provide systems that last."

Professionalism takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to the IT industry. We all know of those so called Computer techs, who really don’t know what they are doing and just come in and mess things up, then to top it all off they charge through the roof. Or they take a job, and need the others to handle most of their work load because they just don’t know what is going on.

What makes an IT professional?

In the IT industry nothing speaks more of your professionalism, than being certified. Some IT Professionals have one certification. Others have 4 or 5 Microsoft Certifications. It doesn’t really matter whether you have one or four, what does matter is that you take the time to study, take the exam and get certified and that goes a long way in the IT industry.

Getting certified means you are totally qualified in a special area within the IT field, and a company knows that your certification represents your knowledge and specialization in that area.

Why is Microsoft Certification so Important?

Most human resources in a Company are not IT professionals. It may be hard for you to understand that not everybody is an IT Professional/Techie, and a lot of people do not know as much as you do about computer technology. And that is a good thing! At least for you, because that means that companies need to hire people like you, but in interviews they don’t know what kind of questions to ask you. But they also don’t want to assume that the first person that walks in the door is qualified, just because the applicant says he/she is. And that is where Microsoft Certified Professionals become important!

Microsoft Certification is specialization in a specific area of IT. Microsoft Certification shows an employer that you are a professional and that you are qualified within your field. This tells a human resources administrator that they don’t need to be an IT expert to hire the right person for the job. They just need to ensure that the job candidate has the right Microsoft Certification for the position.

When you become an MCP or Microsoft Certified Professional you have demonstrated that you are among the top in your field, and a large number of opportunities will open up to you.

The Benefits of Microsoft Certification Courses

1. Industry recognition of your knowledge and proficiency

2. Logos and certificates to identify your MCP , MCTS, MCPD, MCITP status

3. Access to an exclusive MCP , MCTS, MCPD, MCITP member Web site

4. Exclusive discounts on products and services



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