Microsoft Certification

What Is Microsoft Certification?

Why to Get Certified?

How Much Does This Cost?

Where Should I write the Exam?

What are the Benefits of this Exam?

What should i prepare for passing the exam?

Is Certifications Easy or Tough?

What Certification is Right for Me?

Do you have these kind of Questions about the Microsoft Certification. Relax Yourself. i have answers for all of them !!
Hope I can help you with the knowledge i have !!

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To find Answers for these questions !!

Value of Microsoft Technical Certifications

See what Microsoft customers say about the value of Microsoft technical certifications.

Value of Microsoft Technical Certifications

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Posted By: R.v.KirubaKaran
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salem said...

It's very interesting and funny!

Kiruba - Microsoft Certified Professional said...

Is this funny !!

Asela I. Suwandarathne said...

You choose nice title to hang in blog. Really nice. I love your main title. Think u also a Microsoft lover. I am loving microsoft. I have to certify another one more exam to complete all.

GO ahead with blogging, once again really cool

Unknown said... are certified in Windows vista I see..I have replaced my hard drive and it has Vista Premium on it.
Everything is very user friendly on it except for the fact that for some strange reason my Firefox refuses to connect with my chat-rooms.
I can access them through IE..which I hate using. I have done just about everything I could think of trying to figure out exactly what I have not clicked or clicked wrong that is stopping the connections.
With windows xp...I never had this issue.
Every support person I write to from Java or Vista all tell me the same thing and I have carried out all of their thoughts and I still cannot connect.
Maybe you have run into this before and know the mystery!
Have a very nice day!

Anonymous said...

i've MCTS vouchers with me which is expiring on 30th june 2009.
Please recommend any MCTS course which could be passed & studied in 1 week (as i've exams in july)
.Also provide the e-book & resources as well as question patterns..

Reply as soon as possible.

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