Six Steps To Certifications

Decide Which Certification Is Right for You

Microsoft offers a wide range of certifications that cover the spectrum of professions within the IT industry. You decide which certification is appropriate and most benefits your career choices.

Get a certifications overview

Gain Hands-on Experience with Microsoft Products

Working in the IT field gives you invaluable hands-on experience with Microsoft products and solutions, which will bolster any certification plan. You are well on your way to basic certifications with job-related experience of six months or more (one year for advanced certifications).

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Expand Your Experience with Training

Take advantage of a wealth of training resources that will complement the way you learn best. Everything from study guides and tutorials to hands-on, instructor-led training can help enhance your skills.

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Know What to Expect on Exams

For each MCP exam, you will find a guide that will familiarize you with the testing objectives, intended audience, and skills measured, and that contains suggestions to help you pass.

Review an exam guide

Take a Trial Run with a Practice Test

See whether you are ready to take an MCP certification exam with a comprehensive practice test. Although it is not designed to indicate exactly what your score would be, it does provide valuable feedback on the areas where you may need additional study, training, or hands-on work experience.

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Take Your Required Exams

Exams are administered by independent testing organizations at locations worldwide. There are a variety of registration options—you can register through the Web or at a specific testing center site. Just select your area of study, testing program, and region.

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