Is Dumps Required?

Hope this will be a most important topic for newbies..

Dumps are nothing but the Practice Questions..

One simple fact about the dumps is that, if you study the 500 questions in the dumps you can clear any IT Certification in no time. Not only Microsoft certifications even the oracle,SCJP Etc..

But this is not recommended by any IT Company's. When you get a certification without the good knowledge in the field, its you who is going to face the trouble.

i will tell you a small example for this so that you will understand the difference !!

Assume Myself and another friend of mine are selected for the Interview, also Assume both of us Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician and my friend as cleared the certifications only using the dumps. Now since we are certified the HR will not tune us in deep or ask a Tough questions. HR's are trained to observe the talents that you have.

They'll not ask you a tough question, Instead they'll ask only a simple question, but they obtain the difference by the way the professionals or certified answers, so now the friend, who cleared the Certification just by going through the Dumps will not be able to answer in a professional way. so this causes the trouble for him

Certifications will bring more and more status and dignity to you if you are the master in that field. but if the vice versa if you cleared them using dumps.

Dumps are released only for gaining more knowledge and to get real time practice questions. we have to make proper use of this.

Hope you are clear with that.

I strongly recommend you not to clear the certification only using the Dumps.

Posted By: R.v.KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Professional


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