Microsoft Recommended Paths to Certification

Microsoft offers a wide range of certifications that cover a spectrum of professions within—and outside of—the IT industry. Whether you follow the business professional, IT professional, or developer path, each Microsoft Certification helps provide objective validation of your ability to perform more advanced and critical business and IT functions successfully to help mark key turning points in your skills and career.



If you are a student interested in IT careers, get a head start by earning a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification in Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio, or Microsoft SQL Server. Becoming an MTA can help you explore your potential for a career in technology.

· Learn about becoming an MTA

If you are confident in your IT knowledge, you can begin by earning the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certification.

· Learn about becoming an MCTS

If you are interested in a business career, start with a core Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification in Office Word, Office Excel, or Office PowerPoint.

· Learn about becoming an MOS


Non-certified professionals

If you are a non-certified IT professional or developer, you should aim to obtain a Professional-level certification in your current or future job role.

· Learn about becoming an MCITP

· Learn about becoming an MCPD

If you are a non-certified business professional, you should aim to obtain an Expert-level certification in your current or future job role.

· Learn about becoming an MOS

After earning your first Professional- or Expert-level certification, go to the next level of certification or diversify. Our program is set up to help you diversify and explore other Microsoft technologies.

· Learn about Microsoft Certifications by technology


Microsoft Certified Professionals

If you have already earned a Microsoft Certification (and thus are already a Microsoft Certified Professional, or MCP), continue on your journey to advanced certifications. If you are a highly experienced IT professional, earning a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) certification will help provide industry-recognized validation of your in-depth technical and architectural expertise.

· Learn about becoming an MCM


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