2010: A Year in Numbers for Microsoft Certifications

Being a psychometrician, I love numbers, so what better way to talk about all that ACE accomplished with your help in 2010 than by sharing some numbers with you?! Before I get into the numbers, though, I know that I'll be asked "how many people were certified in 2010?" Alas, that is one number that I cannot share with you, but I hope you'll enjoy the fun facts that I have provided below.

Without further ado (drum roll please)... 2010: A Year in Numbers

English Exams Published:

  • 4 Microsoft Office exams
  • 7 Microsoft Technical Associate exams
  • 14 Microsoft Technical Specialist exams
  • 6 Microsoft PRO exams
  • 3 Upgrade exams
  • 8 Microsoft Certified Masters exams
  • 8 Microsoft Dyanmics exams
  • 21 beta exams (includes TS, PRO, and MOS betas; how many did you participate in?)
  • Total of 67 exams published in 2010 in English

Exams Published by Language:

  • Chinese: 38
  • Danish: 7
  • Dutch: 4
  • French: 22
  • German: 31
  • Italian: 1
  • Japanese: 33
  • Korean: 8
  • Polish: 1
  • Portuguese: 34
  • Russian: 14
  • Spanish: 13
  • Turkish: 1

Total publications across all lanugages: 278 (Wow! We've been busy! (includes beta publications))

Exam Development:

  • 157 SMEs participated in an objective domain session for an exam released in 2010
  • 652 SMEs participated in the blueprinting process for an exam released in 2010
  • 7270 SMEs participated in beta
  • 1508 meal cards used by SMEs participating in exam development sessions in Redmond
  • Average spend per meal card: $7.57 (breakfast burritos!)

SME Database (are you a member yet?):

  • 1029 SMEs joined the database
  • 3690 beta invitations were sent to those SMEs

Questions Created through Community Development Initiative:

What were people being certified on in 2010?

  • Across all MS certifications: Microsoft Certified Application Specialist on Office Word 2007
  • Within our technical certifications: MCTS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration
  • By technology: Office 2003, Office 2007, and Windows Server 2008

Well, I hope you found this as interesting as I did when I pulling together these numbers! Thanks to all the SMEs who helped us make 2010 a great year in the world of exam development!

Source: Blog to Learn


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