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Microsoft Research India cordially invites students and faculty for Microsoft Research India Summer School 2009 on Networking.

The Summer School is hosted by MSR India in collaboration with
Indian Institute of Science from June 08 – 19 2009 at the IISC Campus in Bangalore.

The primary goal of this summer school is to expose students in India to cutting-edge research in computer networking.

We are excited to have a strong lineup of speakers, who’ll each be giving a series of lectures on a broad range of sub-areas within networking.

More information on the summer school is available at

We expect the audience to primarily comprise students from universities across India,
with a mix of PhD, masters, and senior undergraduate students.

The selection of students will be made through a competitive process.

Please ensure that you specify your email address in the application form.

The selected students will be expected to attend and participate in the entire summer school.

They will be offered train fare to/from Bangalore and local accommodation in Bangalore.
More information on the application process is available at the webpage pointed to above.

Besides the students, we also expect to have a small number of faculty members,
MSR India researchers, and perhaps researchers from other organizations attending.
We believe that the participation of the faculty and researchers would enrich the summer school.

For any queries, you can email All the best for the selection process!

Thanks To Sudharshan.S Microsoft Student Partner

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