Windows VISTA Certifications

One of the recently released exams from Microsoft in the Operating System field is Windows Vista Supporting Client. The Exam code for this Exam is 70-620.

Tips for Clearing This Exam:

1. Contact Any Certified Professionals Regarding Your Exam

2. Buy the Microsoft Press Book recommended for the Exam.

3. The Book will Total if 20 Chapters, in this first 13-14 chapters teaches you about the Trouble shooting Area for the Client side, and the remaining chapters just covers the exam point of view. This will contain only the real life objective questions.

4. Study the first 14 chapters when you can get time or spend daily 20 – 30 min of maximum, if so you can cover the book within one month.

5. After you finished studying this book, you will find the CD enclosed along with the book. The CD contains the Test Engine Software. It’s Like a Demo Test. After that you can get the Results. The result shows in which area you are strong and in which area you need more attention.

6. So make full use of these test engine

7. After Preparing for the Exam. Go to any Microsoft Certified Partner Institute, you can get the names and the address of the Microsoft Certified Partner Institute. Search for an institute near your location.

8. Go the Microsoft Certified Partner Institute that you choose and you need to pay them an Exam fee of Rs.2500/-. You need to take a Xerox Copy of your Photo proof and your address proof.

9. They will register you for the exam; you have to tell them when you are going to take the exam.

You can take the exam any day any time according to your wish.

10. If order to increase the confident level of passing, Just a day before the exams, search Google and find the latest dumps and download them and learn Them.
Dumps are nothing, but the questions gathered from the Experts or Previous Questions.


• You should study only the latest dumps, not the old versions Since Microsoft Updates the questions regularly.

• And don’t believe only on dumps, because after you have cleared you certification and if u don’t have stuffs with you, it will surely affect your dignity in your work area.

So what you are waiting got Go Ahead with certifications
and prove what skills you have.

Certification helps you to gain more status and fame.

All the Best for Your Exam.

Posted By: R.v.KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Professional


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